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There are two types of people in the world—those with Bad Credit and Our Customers. Let the best credit repair company in Houston fix your bad credit history so you can take control of your credit today and reach your financial goals.


What is Credit Repair?

what is credit repair

Are you one of those score-able Americans who keeps on wondering if you can still fix your bad credit? Or even asking if this can be possibly done? Well, YES! Yes with the help of a reputable credit repair company.

Once in your life, you might have already come across the term “credit restoration”, commonly known as credit repair. What is it? Who needs it? Why do you need it?

Setting aside all jargons and technicalities, credit repair involves disputing and verifying the accuracy of all the information laid out on your credit reports. To dispute information in your credit reports is your LEGAL RIGHT as a consumer. Therefore, when you see discrepancies in your credit reports which negatively affect your standing, you can verify these issues with the credit reporting agencies, your creditors, or other collection agencies.

Who Needs Credit Repair?

Are you someone who has been living with a bad credit? Are you unsure what your credit standing is but you suspect that it is really in a bad shape? Have you experienced certain unfortunate life events that had caused you to have a bad credit standing? There are common signs that will tell you have a bad credit and you are one of the thousands (even millions) who need credit repair. These signs involve the following:

  • Your credit score is LOW.
  • Your application for a credit card is denied.
  • Your credit cards get closed.
  • Interest rates keep on increasing.
  • You are constantly receiving phone calls from debt collectors.
  • Finding a job is difficult because of your credit history.
bad credit

Why do you need Credit Repair?

Now if you think you have experienced the signs mentioned above, you may now ask why you need to repair your poor credit. If you think having a low credit score is not a big deal, ask yourself the following questions so you may realize how important credit repair is to your life!

  • Do you want to feel better about your credit score?
  • Do you want to achieve a higher credit limit?
  • Do you want to save money on interest rates?
  • Do you want to buy a new car? how about a new house?
  • Do you want to be free from all financial pressure?

If your answer to all these is YES, then call the best credit repair company in Houston, get a free credit repair consultation and take control of your credit today!

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ANG Credit Solutions Focuses on key areas that will positively affect your credit report:

  • We remove inaccurate information that lowers your credit score.
  • We remove duplication on your credit reports of the same account.
  • We demand that credit bureaus fairly represent your real credit history to prospective lenders.
  • We respond to fraudulent accounts on your behalf.
  • We demand predatory lending companies to accept favorable payment plans.
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    Do not let another "bad credit" day go by because of excuses. Take Action Today!


    ANG Credit Solutions Will Improve your Credit Score

    Have you been receiving phone calls from other credit repair companies saying “Oh yes! We can make your credit score jump up to 100 points immediately”? It sounds too good to be true, right?

    Remember this: credit companies are not allowed to make such promises. So when you hear this, immediately cross out that company from your list. As more and more people are now aware of credit repair, more companies are rising in the industry claiming that they can produce results in a few days. Therefore, knowing and understanding the differences of the quality of service among the throng of credit repair service providers are very crucial.

    Here in Houston, Texas, there is one reputable credit repair company who have helped many consumers solve their credit issues and bad credit standing. ANG Credit Solutions offers the best credit repair services in Houston, TX. We are the trusted company who can provide credit repair solutions, in different industries, which will significantly improve your credit score and your standing.

    Why should you choose ANG Credit Solutions?

    Professional Credit Analysts Deliver Professional Services

    ANG Credit Solutions is composed of professional, experienced and award-winning credit analysts, and our main goal is to help our customers manage and improve their creditworthiness.

    We know that each of our client’s credit situation is unique; therefore, we ensure that we design a credit repair campaign that is specific to the situation of each client. We apply educational approach, invaluable resources, and customized plan not only to help you repair your bad credit history but also to help you maintain a healthy credit score in the long run. Our credit repair services are not pointed towards temporary solutions. Rather, they are aimed towards achieving lasting positive results. This is why we strive to create a strong and healthy relationship with our customers. ANG Credit Repair Solutions will provide you with all legal support and assistance every step of the way.

    professional credit analysts

    We will repair the damage you have in the past, monitor your transactions and reports in the present, and build you a brighter financial standing in the future.

    Credit Repair Houston

    Don’t settle for any second-best credit repair service. Instead, get your credit problems handled by the best credit repair in Houston. We specialize in finding the remedy to damages in your credit profile that can severely damage your finances in the long run. Don’t get left behind. Pick up the phone and call ANG today. We’re simply The Best Credit Repair in Houston.

    Call ANG Credit Solutions Now and We Will Provide You With:

    • FREE Customized Credit Repair Consultation
    • FREE Score Evaluation
    • Free Access to Your Latest Credit Report
    • FREE Credit Audit and Recommended Credit Repair Solutions

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    Angela Ravelo
    Angela Ssusette Ravelo Client | Houston, Texas

    I keep hearing such great things about this company. I am ready to fix my credit to get into that house that my kids and I deserve soon.

    Ashley Gallegos
    Ashley Gallegos Client | Houston, Texas

    WOW my scores went up 100 points compared to what they were in March of 2014 and they are still working hard on repairing my credit.

    Emma Salinas
    Emma Salinas Client | Houston, Texas

    Awesome company! Got my credit score up where I wanted. Since then I've been approved for a vehicle(1 year ago) on my own with no cosigner, new GOOD standing credit, and now waiting for our new home to be built!

    Abigail Garcia
    Abigail Garcia Client | Houston, Texas

    If you need to improve your credit, looking to buy a house, car, or wanna just get credit cards from your favorite stores, contact my friend Cary. He's a great friend and truly raised my credit score 150 points higher.

    Chelly Sibrian
    Chelly Sibrian Client | Houston, Texas

    I just want to say Thank you so much for all your HELP, without you none of this would have been possible! One Grateful New Home OWNER! May God continue to bless you!

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    Your Name Here Client | City, State

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